Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Plotters Against Davis

Fugitive at large and all-round rapscallion Guido Fawkes draws my attention to a most unfortunate and unforgivable lapse of protocol on my part:

"You never thank me for the traffic I drive to you or even blog-roll me. Netiquette wise that is a poor show.You blog-roll Tom Watson as a Blogger for Davis and he's a Labour whip!"

What can I say? My only defence is that I was brung up as a member of Britain's largest class, so don't know no different.

A thousand apologies Master Fawkes, and thank you for all your help. I can't really add you to Bloggers For Davis, despite your kind remarks about his lack of toupee. So I've set you up in your own special blog-roll "Plotters Against Davis".

I hope we can now draw a line under the whole sorry episode and move on.


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