Saturday, October 15, 2005

Not Wanted On Voyage

According to DC house journal, the Times:

'Mr Cameron...has privately pledged to sacrifice some of the party’s core voters, who loathe the modernisers’ talk of inclusivity and social liberalism, in an attempt to reach out to a new generation of younger voters. He would do so by deliberately alienating the Daily Mail and its sister paper, The Mail on Sunday, whose vitriolic tone he abhors.

One leading supporter, an MP who accepts he could lose his seat because of the strategy, said: “We may, for a while, lose up to 7 per cent of our vote, taking us down to 25 per cent. But it is worth it if we can fundamentally change the party.”

I heard this in Blackpool and didn't believe it. But now it's in the Times, so it must be true.

DC intends deliberately to alienate a quarter of our core supporters- those people who have steadfastly supported the party through some very thin times indeed- so that he can give the party a blonde wood and chrome fittings make-over.

Presumably he has in mind Kinnock kicking out Militant Tendency. But a quarter of our support?! And is it just Mail readers who are no longer welcome?

Tell me, Mr Tyler, have you ever read the Mail? Or perhaps you've dabbled in Guido, or other Class A blogs.

Umm...well, I had a normal student's all a long time ago, and I can't see it's really anyone's business today. It may be that a close family member has had a problem with the Mail, but it's now being treated with heavy doses of the Guardian media supplement.

NB Guido- please note link.


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