Tuesday, October 25, 2005

North And South

We all know the score- around 200 seats in the North, and we have less than 20. Enter the Heineken candidate.

With that in mind, I took a shuftie through the postings on the the Telegraph's "Your view: is Cameron the man?" I wanted to see what Northern posters were saying.

The first point is that an extraordinary number of the Telegraph's posters are overseas- Italy, France, Switzerland, Singapore, Costa Rica...none of whom are really North of the Trent.

Of those who do live up there, Denis Owen from Lancashire says "Cameron has never had a proper job...I would prefer Davis". Paul Jones, of Radcliffe-On-Trent reckons DC will win, but asks "would it not be a good idea to start finding the next leader now so that he can be ready when he's defeated at the next election?" Hmm.

Derek Buxton of Stockport, says "There is no way that Cameron should lead, or could lead a Conservative Party... He is...lacking a sense of duty to the people less fortunate than himself or any firm principles as to the government of the UK. Just like Blair in fact."

There's more in a similar vein, and a special mention must go to Tom Burkard, an American living here: "I find it difficult to believe how quickly Britain is becoming a nation of ill-mannered serfs." Ill-mannered serfs? Not thinking of anyone in particular, we trust. "Cameron, I fear, will do nothing to reverse this trend. One gets the impression that his Notting Hill set are too busy pandering to media types to have any concept of what life is like north of Watford, let alone Watford Gap."

Richard Nicholas of North Yorkshire says...no, no enough of negative Northern responses to DC. And we should stress that many of the comments from overseas and down South are very pro-DC.

Let's end on a strong positive note. Northerner Elizabeth Nuttall, a Warwick student who heard DD speak there last week, writes to him:

"I believe that you will be a perfect leader for the party, being someone who appeals to all ranges of people, an accessible person who seems to me to be down to earth and ready to take control of the party and lead us to success. I think your focus upon winning Conservative seats in the North and urban areas is fantastic, and as a northerner myself (there aren't many at Warwick!) I truly hope that your campaign is a successful one. You have certainly gained my vote."

Interestingly, Elizabeth was a DC supporter before she heard DD speak. The Heineken effect seems to be working.


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