Wednesday, October 19, 2005

No Towel Throwing Please

So now we have the rumour that DD may concede tomorrow if he comes a long way behind DC. Yes, we understand it's probably all spin from the Doc's supporters for perfectly understandable reasons, but just in case- it mustn't happen.

First, we hope Our Man is made of sterner stuff. Although he's taken a battering over the last two weeks, there's still at least another month before members place their X's on the ballot papers. Even a week is an age in leadership contests, and as we've already seen, things can change very quickly. After all, it's less than a month since the Times was calling time on current fave DC:

'Mr a moderate and reasonable soul who has made several speeches in the past few weeks which, while sound, have not delivered messages of distinction. If the Tories are to plump for a young man who has been in the House of Commons for only four years, they have to be convinced that he is a star of the highest quality. If Mr Cameron cannot illustrate this compellingly in the coming fortnight, he would be wise to emulate Mr Willetts and depart with dignity.'

Second, the members deserve the chance to scrutinise the candidates. Particularly the relatively unknown and untested DC. What does he actually stand for, and could he front up to Tony?

And third, we've just come through a most unfortunate tussle with party bosses over our rights to have a direct say in leader selection. Opinion polls notwithstanding, we just don't want another fait accompli. Member democracy must be seen to be done.

So please, gents, lets have no towels thrown in. We want the full fifteen rounds. And we want Queensberry rules throughout.

Update: Turns out it's all untrue- his camp says:
"David Davis is fighting for every vote. He is confident of going through to the next round and intends to take the contest to the party membership and win."


Blogger Tim Roll-Pickering said...

And so we reach the moment where Davis apes Thatcher's "I fight on. I fight to win" press release.

And she was out of the running a day later...

8:31 AM  

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