Saturday, October 01, 2005

No More Mr Nasty Guy

There's a v supportive profile of DD in today's Times Mag (not online). Robert Crampton writes:

'Either DD was on his best behaviour when I met him, or some of the things that people say about him aren't entirely true...I must be very strange or something. I rather liked him.'

In truth there's not a lot we DD anoraks don't already know, but there are a couple of interesting quotes:

'Davis is unrepentant about his less popular supporters. Of Derek Conway, to whom Tories in and around W11 are especially allergic, Davis says, "He is a straight-talking Geordie who ruffles feathers. I'd rather have straight-talking friends than dissimulators."

Translation: Derek is just as blunt with me as he is with others- but I prefer it that way.


'His friend Tony Benn ("a spirited conscience-driven man, I like people like that") once told him: "You may become leader of the Tory party, but you'd never be allowed in New Labour: you're too left-wing".

Good old Wedgie.

But perhaps most interestingly:

'William Hague, he's always liked. "We went walking the other day, 12 miles up the Dales. He's a nice man, a good man, a very clever man. He'll be Prime Minister one day, it'll happen."

Ah. Now, I see.


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