Wednesday, October 05, 2005

News From Blackpool

The trouble with Conference- it turns out- is that it leaves no time for blogging. Plus, it's only too easy to get...umm, tired and emotional.

Anyway, a brief despatch...

Cameron's speech yesterday was just as reported. Sensationally uplifting for the delegates. Hardly surprising for a party that hasn't smelled the sweet aroma of success in all those years. Cameron was young, energetic, glamourous...never mind Tony- this was our own JFK, complete with "let the word go out that the torch has been passed..." The only thing missing was the ticker tape and balloon drop. Huge excitement all round.

But, you know, you can't get round the experience deficit. JFK had been a senator for a decade when he ran for Pres, and even Tony had been an MP for 11 years, and a front bench spokesman for almost as long. DC has been an MP for just 4 years.

And there's still that managerialist thing. DC might have the utmost confidence in those mysterious synthetic phonics, but personally I'd rather leave the choice of school reading scheme to teachers.

And Ken? Barnstorming. The Beast is back, and the party loved it. The applause nearly took the roof off.

But despite all that love, Ken remains the only one of the candidates who provokes threats of resignation if he becomes leader. And judging from what you hear round the bars here, that includes quite a few activists.

So Our Man has to do the biz this morning. We've seen him a three fringe events, and thought him excellent. But at 11.40 today, he's got to sparkle.

Now is the time.


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