Friday, October 14, 2005

Meanwhile, Back In The Real World

With that metro media frenzy still engulfing DC, DD was in Bradford today talking to real people about real issues.

He was visiting problem estates, talking to police about various crime intiatives, and meeting with local party activists.

Noting that in May we won just 19 of 162 Parliamentary seats across the three Northern English regions, he told the Liverpool Daily Post:

"The fact is that a lot of people who might vote Tory don't because they think they are not like us. They may think we are only in it for ourselves and that we are not the same sort of people as them.

That is an issue as much in the North, if not more in the North, as anywhere else. That's what we have got to put right. I will lead from the front in winning back seats in all our Northern cities."

It's politics Jasper, but not as we know it in W11.



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