Sunday, October 16, 2005

"Hope Made Flesh"

So says a star-stricken Alison Pearson in today's highly supportive Sunday Telegraph profile of David Cameron. 'Politics desperately needs people like Cameron, who could be making a packet in the City but chooses instead to spend his days making life better.'

Yeah, I know- you thought politicians were only in it for power and attention. But how do you actually counter stuff like this? Right now, to criticise DC is not only to sound crabby and cynical, it's to abandon hope.

So it comes as a bit of a jolt to discover DC is no more an electoral magic bullet than Ken. The Communicate Research poll for the Indy finds that under either DD or DC we would still be defeated by Labour under Gordo. And there's virtually no difference between the two losing margins: around 20% (!) in both cases.

So hope, yes. Sure. We need hope. Lot's of hope.

But let's remember- that's all it is. To return to power, we've still got to do all that hard slog of policy making, holding the party together, and dealing with the tough times ahead.

A couple of good speeches and some nice family photos just ain't enough. Even from He who is Hope Made Flesh.


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