Friday, October 07, 2005

"hello tory scumbags"

My crass technical incompetence meant that I was unable to couple up my laptop in Blackpool, so posting was sporadic and I am only now catching up on the comments.

The one I like best by far is from Rosa Lichtenstein, who just says "hello tory scumbags".

This is most encouraging.

Because despite the disappointment in the DD camp, the big message from Blackpool is that we Tories are back in business.

True, we'd never attended a conference before. But the buzz and optimism were unmistakable. This wasn't a party going down for the fourth time. This was a party alive with policy ideas, facing the challenges of modern Britain, and fired with the will to win.

I am absolutely certain that Rosa will not be alone among the Labour and Lib Dem ranks in feeling apprehensive.


Blogger malcolm said...

I didn't attend the conference Wat but the TV highlights showed the most optimistic Conference in years.
To coin an awful new Labour phrase,are we seeing the beginning of a 'step change' in British politics?
I know I'm biased but in comparison the Labour conference looked truly awful.Despite big afforts they couldn't hide the empty seats.

10:43 AM  

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