Friday, October 14, 2005

The Height Issue

Over on ConservativeHome Simon says put your hands on your head. Then he says:

"Liam Fox is too short to be prime minister - simple as that. You can't have the US president walking in a trench next to him at joint press conferences. Unfortunate, as he's very talented and will be an excellent cabinet minister, but we live in the media age."

Can this be true? Well, the Doc is know.

But does that matter? What about Napoleon? Oh, age. Hmmm.

Actually, it turns out that very few of our top-rated PMs since 1900 have been vertically challenged:

'More than half of 20th century prime ministers can be described as 'tall' - 5 feet 9 inches or over. Salisbury was probably the tallest prime minister, standing at 6 feet and 4 inches, with Douglas-Home's height being recorded as 6 feet and one inch.

Only three 'tall' prime ministers (Macmillan, Blair and Salisbury) make the top ten PMs. Asquith, Baldwin, Wilson and Thatcher have been described as being of 'medium height' - all of them in the top ten ranked prime ministers. But it is striking that the three 20th century British prime ministers who can be described as 'short' are the top three in the rank-orderings: Attlee, Churchill (5 feet, six and a half inches), and Lloyd George.'

Looks like the Doc can breath again.

Although DD is taller.

PS At the Party Conference they had a strange orange box arrangement they dragged behind the podium for short speakers. It looked slightly ridiculous- and unkind delegates around us tittered when a certain speaker- not Doc- clambered up onto it. But you couldn't see it on telly. And for Simon's benefit, I'm sure they've got one at the White House.


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