Thursday, October 20, 2005

Heart Of Darkness

For us peasant outsiders, the spin and counterspin going on up at the Palace is jaw-dropping.

The rumour of DD's imminent withdrawal was stirred up by...well who exactly? Clearly usual suspect Nick Robinson was the messenger, but where did it actually come from? The "who benefits?" test points to Doc's supporters. But the Times reports:

'Discreet talks have already taken place at Conservative Central Office about what would happen if the second-placed candidate was way behind. If it is Mr Davis there may be pressure on him to stand down, but his aides said he would fight on.

The Times has been told that the talks have centred on Francis Maude, the party chairman, and Raymond Monbiot, the chairman of the voluntary wing of the party. One senior source said: “If Davis threw in the towel it would enable him to salvage some dignity. If it goes to the party in the country with such a poor showing from MPs, Cameron will score at least 70 per cent against Davis, whose frontline career could be over.”

So it's them again...them grandees what tried to rob us peasants of our vote. The heart of darkness.

Whoever wins the leadership, job number one is to toss those guys off the battlements.


Blogger Tim Roll-Pickering said...

Oh come off it! Maude and Monbiot have a professional responsibility to ensure that the party machine is prepared for all possibilities. They can't be held to fault if David Davis has succeeded in turning his unstoppable barnstorming campaign into a lame duck!

For what it's worth I hope Davis makes it into the final two today. But I really can't see him recovering from this to beat Cameron. Truly we have had the "Amanda Plattel" moment of this campaign, destroying the frontrunner.

8:28 AM  

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