Thursday, October 27, 2005

Focus On Substance

James Hellyer looks again at the media's role in our leadership contest, and in particular over the battle of the Conference speeches. But as James points out, somehow we members have got to see though the media froth:

'We need to use what time we have to look at what the candidates stand for and what they want to do. Those should be grounds for selecting a leader, not the directions of the media. The media can build a candidate up, but they can later knock him down. '

So as the candidates set out their policies, we need to pay close attention. It's all very well saying it's too early to write the next manifesto, but we need more than high level generalities about Five Major Challenges.

We're disappointed at DC's lack of policy content today on the economic challenge, particularly on tax and spend where there is such a sharp contrast between DD's clear commitments and his own much fuzzier approach. He's done nothing to defuzz it: indeed, the kindest thing Tim Montgomerie could find to say about today's effort was to call it "triangulation". And we thought that was a term of abuse reserved for New Labour.

We keenly await DD's reported tax cutting plan tomorrow. We fully expect that to be real substance.


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