Friday, October 14, 2005

Didn't Take Long Did It

As we've said before, we don't care if DC did puff a few exotic roll-ups at uni. Coke? Well, back in the sixties we didn't go in for that, so I don't know. But the junior Tylers reckon it's cool. So that would be cool. I guess.

But set all that aside. And set aside too, DC's apparent softness on drugs during his time on the Home Affairs Select Committee. No, the most troubling aspect of this for a leadership contender whose main pitch is his sensational media management skills is that...well, it turns out they're not so sensational after all.

They didn't exactly ask "Are you a dope fiend or a coke head?" on Question Time yesterday, but it was close. And the new media- the blogosphere- is buzzing with it: indeed the editor of Political Betting was so concerned at one discussion thread that he took the unprecedented step of deleting the whole lot.

Zero to hero to zero in just two weeks. That's faster even than Jade Goody.

True, the DC camp is not taking this lying down. They are working hard with friendly journos to blame it all on traditional liberal hate-target the Mail:

"David Cameron's leadership election team fear that Associated Newspapers is out to destroy his campaign and determined to dig up dirt on him, his wider family and his supporters, mainly concerning allegations of cocaine taking."

The speculation is that there's something really juicy heading for our doormats on Sunday, and team DC are naturally seeking to discredit the messenger before it arrives. Fair enough.

But some of the "reinvention of politics" gilt has most certainly rubbed off.

PS Yes, I know...there's an alternative theory- the Clinton Play. Two weeks ago nobody except we geeks had a clue who DC was. Now, loads of people know- he's that nice bloke with the drugs and that. And sometime pretty soon his wife will be on the sofa holding a child or two and saying "Hell, if that's a problem, don't vote for him."

Extraordinarily high risk, but the disturbing thing is that it might just work.


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