Thursday, October 20, 2005

Davis Vs Cameron

So we members will get the choice as originally billed. Six more weeks for some calmer more measured reflection on our future.

We are reassured and encouraged by DD's resilience under pressure: he has once again shown that he can keep his head when- if reports are to be believed- at least some around him were losing theirs. And despite Doc's spirited challenge and the many prophecies of doom, most of his vote held firm.

But the man of the media moment is undoubtedly still David Cameron. And we would be foolish not to recognise his appeal and quality. What's more, his team has fought the kind of sophisticated campaign we wish we'd had during the Election. Hope, optimism, and excitement- to borrow today's entirely reasonable soundbite. No wonder he's way ahead in the polls and at the bookies.

So during these coming weeks, we really do need to think very hard about that lack of experience. It's even less than Hague, and we delude ourselves if we think DC's path will be any easier.

And we need to focus on policy. For us, DD's policy agenda- particularly in the crucial areas of public services, taxation, and localism- is a key element of his attraction. We remain unclear where DC stands on most of it, but we need to find out.

Over the next week we'll be comparing the DD and DC policy platforms in these crucial areas. Let's see if we can pin down the differences.


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