Saturday, October 29, 2005

Davis Reinstates The Ladder

Speaking this morning, DD pledges to establish 20 new grammar schools in our big cities where state education failure is at its worst:

"I want to create an Opportunity Society. To make that a reality we need people who start near the bottom of the pile to able to make it to the top. Good schools are absolutely crucial in that process. In particular, poor children need to be able to receive the best academic education—the sort that better off parents have the power to demand for their children.

One of the main reasons why social mobility is declining under this Government is the disappearance of grammar schools from most parts of the country. The areas where this creates the worst social barriers are our big cities. In many of these you find a concentration of social deprivation which gives teachers an almost impossible challenge. The schools themselves need to be able to focus better, and part of this focus should be the ability to offer academic excellence.

So as Prime Minister I would extend the range of choice available to parents and children in our big cities, I would, as an initial step, create 20 new grammar schools in the big cities of England, so that children from all backgrounds can benefit from the best academic education."

We've posted about this before, and all we can say now is- at last.


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