Thursday, October 13, 2005

Class War

"That is the difference between a strong Labour government and a Conservative government that never ever cared for anyone but a few at the top, and never will."

Thus screamed Tony yesterday.

Yes, you say, that shows just how desperate he's getting.


You see we know from polling that '58% don’t think Tories care about ordinary people; half think Tories care more about the haves than the have-nots'. And even on that egregious Newsnight/Frank Luntz DC promo video they noted that toffdom might still be an issue for a Tory leader.

So as we choose our leader we need to be very careful. We've already had that extraordinary Bercow outburst about "Eton, hunting, shooting and lunch at Whites!", and that was from our own side (allegedly).

You might not like it. I might not like it. But even in post-Cool Britannia, we shouldn't bet on Labour not fanning the embers of class war.


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