Sunday, October 30, 2005

Bloggers For Davis 36

As you all know, at DDfL we eschew negative campaigning (well, we try anyway). But over at Conservatives Against Cameron's 'NewLabourisation' they have no such hang-ups.

Normally, of course,we'd feel disbarred from drawing attention to their commentary- most incisive though it is. But today it is with a glad heart that we pass on their positive endorsement of DD:

'David Davis is a man of integrity, decency, substance and principle and would be a clear antidote to the poisonous New Labour government this country has endured for the past eight years.'

Hear, hear.

'David Cameron's policy-lite, substance-free (unless you believe those allegations!), vague, generalised, empty, dumbed-down brand of plastic politics would be little more than a continuation of the Blairite, NewLabouresque style of politics and governance that has polluted the political atmosphere of the United Kingdom in recent years. Surely the people of this fine country deserve something different?'

Oh, drat. The last bit must have slipped in here by accident. Sorry about that.


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