Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Bloggers For Davis 31

Like many other Liam Fox supporters, the ever thoughtful Political Thinker is now blogging for Davis:

'David is a man of conviction... he realised the problems of the left, and he actually chose to be a Conservative.

David’s beliefs are not only strong, but sound. He realises that we need lower taxes for hardworking Britons as well as businesses, and he understands that only radical reform of our public services will achieve the standards many expect from a rich nation such as ours.

Most of our MPs are nothing more than career politicians and have no experience of the real world. David, however, is very different. Not only has he actually worked in the real world and gone far, but he has held various jobs in Government and Opposition.

When it came to policy, I believed Liam was right on the mark. While David is certainly not as right-wing, he is a man of substance and actually knows what he wants to deliver and how he will deliver it: lower taxes, better public services and smaller government.'

Conviction, experience, and policy substance.

Thinker, that's spot on.


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