Monday, October 24, 2005

Bloggers For Davis 30

Paul Goodman MP has his first post up at ConservativeHome. He says:

"This contest now offers brilliant opportunities to David Davis, David Cameron – and to the Conservative Party itself...

The contest...offers a showcase for conservatism. David Cameron has the chance to answer some tough questions, and prove beyond doubt that there’s real substance beneath the style. And the DD campaign has the chance to communicate its message clearly."

Hear, hear Paul. Let's make this a clean contest that will reflect well on the party, and command some much needed positive media attention.

"That message, in a word, is “Heineken” - that under a DD leadership, the party can reach the parts of Britain that it hasn’t reached for far too long.

DD is the best candidate to reach out beyond our southern comfort zone...not because he grew up a council estate and is the son of a single mum. It’s because he’s got the right plan for Britain and for the party, and has the experience and resilience to see it through.

The right plan for Britain is to reject the Blair consensus, and shape a Conservative one. If we fight the next election on a platform proposing, inter alia, lower taxes and more public service choice we’ll deserve to win it. If we don’t, we won’t...

And the right plan for the party is to modernise – but to stay united as we do so. We need more local campaigning, to learn lessons from the winning experience of our local councillors, and Parliamentary candidates who are more like the communities they serve.

But we don’t need a deliberately-staged conflict with any particular part of the party, or any age group within it. Nor do we need to declare war on the conservative media... DD certainly won’t: he wants to take the base with him to win.

Reaching out beyond our southern base. Challenging the Blair consensus with conservative ideas. Uniting to modernise. Doing all this with experience and resilience. That’s the case for DD in a nutshell."

To which we can only say- well put.


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