Thursday, October 20, 2005

Bloggers For Davis 29

Following Liam Fox's elimination today, we're delighted to welcome James Hellyer, a Fox stalwart, to Bloggers For Davis. James gives us a "warts and all" endorsement:

"The question is who I should support now my candidate of choice has been removed from the equation. For me there's only choice: David Davis.

David Davis has his flaws: he's not a natural orator, his "safety first" approach may well have cost him the leadership campaign, and some of his acolytes actively put people off (step forward Andrew Mitchell).

Yet for all these faults Davis remains a man of substance. He believes the right things and has espoused policy ideas that could reform our public services and make Britain better.

Being nicely spoken and presentable are not in themselves qualifications for leadership. I know where Davis stands and what he offers. I know he can deliver."

He joins our list.


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