Monday, October 10, 2005

Bloggers For Davis 27

Over on ConservativeHome, ppc Jonathan Sheppard says:

"If we are to win those voters who deserted us for Labour in 1997, from the urban areas, and from the North and Midlands, then we need a leader who can go into those Labour areas, and make people think twice about the party...

His ability to see off the Lib Dems decapitation strategy in his own back yard, trebling his majority in the process just goes to show what we can expect in campaigning terms under a Davis leadership – a will to win...

Any future leader has to have the confidence of his colleagues in Parliament, and must ensure he draws upon the experience of people from across the spectrum of the party. Only David Davis has shown he can achieve this...

It is essential that the Conservative Party re-discover its will to win. Under David Davis I am sure it will."

There's a lot more. Steady your nerves by taking a look.


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