Monday, October 31, 2005

The Blair Succession

New Labour insider Mrs Marr gives us a further insight into Tony's troubled mind:

'The message is going forth from Downing Street that he would prefer anyone but Gordon Brown to be his successor - and yes, that may even include a moderate, centre-right David Cameron, who seems to be emerging as an identikit Blair and has privately described himself as "Blair's heir"... Is it evidence that when Blair talks of legacy, and the need for a new consensus, he is now looking beyond Labour?'

And she reflects on those extraordinary events surrounding last week's education debate:

'The radical nature of the education white causing great dismay on the [Labour]backbenches. Cameron's instant decision to support it, at least in principle, may turn out to be a defining moment in the politics of the third term. If the left in parliament mobilises against the bill, supported by the teaching unions, and the Tories help to rescue it, then we have hard evidence of the Blair-Cameron alliance. Remember, for the first time we have a Labour prime minister who does not need to destroy his opposite number. Blair knows he won't be fighting Cameron.'

I have a very bad feeling about this...

Look, we've always known Tone is a Tory toff with a perfectly normal loathing for trade Maggie and her ilk, but should he really be choosing our next leader?

Plus- although I almost hesitate to mention this given our overwhelming desire to get re-elected at any price- in a world of perpetual Blairism, just how are we going to grip the real issues of the day?

Blairism says most political issues are really technical problems that can be sorted out by applying the best brains of the day, and letting them come up with one of those "evidence based" solutions. Education, health, name it. And judging from DC's statements, that's pretty well what he believes too.

We don't share that rosy view. We think the real business of politics is about making decisions where the evidence is not clearcut, including of course, deciding winners and losers. Which is precisely why governments should be small.

The Blair Succession.

Is that what you want?

Cos that's what you're going to get....unless, that is, we fill in those ballot papers the right way.


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