Monday, October 31, 2005

The Blair Succession (cont)

Stung by all those policy-lite jibes, DC has announced his climate change strategy:

'We will lead internationally on climate change, and to strive for wider acceptance of the science and the steps needed to combat the problem.We will look beyond Kyoto and promote an international dialogue to reach agreement...'

Oh no...wait...I've inadvertantly quoted from the Labour Election Manifesto. It's just so hard to tell. As the aghast posters at ConservativeHome will testify:

'No, Cameron, NO! This is DIRE!

The commission bit is especially disappointing. It shows that Cameron is just a gesture-politician. We've already had Osborne's 'commission on flat tax', setting out a 'direction' which is just as quickly repudiated. This is even sillier.The problem with these wannabe vote-catchers is that they want to be popular with a tiny coterie of metropolitan bien pensants, and really don't understand the modern world at all. This is the worst possible time for Blair-Lite - just when the country wises up!

Some of us are trying very hard to come onside with our lovely new leader, so this is a sad day: our lovely new leader has revealed himself to be a fool. I think I preferred 'vague'. ( buxtehude )

Still, this bit is original DC- even Tone didn't do it:

"I am starting with a carbon-neutral campaign for the leadership. With the help of the Carbon-Neutral Company, we are planting enough trees to counteract the additional carbon emissions generated by our campaign.”

Nice one, Dave.

You know, sometimes I really don't think I get it at all.

PS A "well, well, well, isn't it a small world" margin note- the CEO of the Carbon-Neutral Company is one Jonathan Shopley. He previously worked for Arthur D Little, and while there he evidently advised various multinationals on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Among them was the controversial BAT, where as regular readers will recall, the non-exec with responsibility for CSR was...Ken Clarke. And they got together at least once, with Jonathan apparently advising Ken on how to make BAT more competitive.

Do ciggies create carbon emissions?


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