Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Big Ken Vs Big Mo

If we feel a little bruised by Big Mo, we should spare a thought for Big Ken.

A month ago, the Mo seemed very much with him. But Theresa May's decision to back DC is the latest blow to a stuttering campaign that is now seen to draw virtually its entire support from the past...not the future.

Ken's pitch to us members was that his popularity would bring electoral success. His pitch to "mid-generation" MPs like Theresa was certainly that, but also blended with a soupcon of something extra. Because given his age, he would have left open the career door for all those forty and fifty-something MPs for whom a leadership generation jump would be pretty well curtains.

He must be very disappointed to see the pitch fall flat.

Never mind three falls or three submissions- Big Ken may be heading for a knock-out.

PS For those who've not yet clocked it, the trusty Eu Serf has set up a new specialist blog Anyone But Ken. Catch it while you can because he may be able to close it as early as next week.


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