Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Winterton For Davis

The FT reports that Nicholas Winterton has declared for DD. He supported IDS in 2001, and takes DD's declared support among MPs to 46.

The report also says that DD will formerly announce his candidacy next Thursday, the same day David Cameron has also chosen. It is expected that all the candidates will have formally put up before the Conference.

The FT also says:

'Michael Ancram, deputy leader and shadow defence secretary, will this week meet a leading member of the Cornerstone Group of Conservative traditionalists amid speculation in Westminster that, if he secures their backing, he would throw his hat in the ring.'

What's that all about? After his performance in 2001, Sir Michael will be fully siezed that he wouldn't win, and as a truly loyal servant of the Party he will be acutely aware there are already far too many hats in that ring. Is it another marker? Is he just trying to head off the most unhelpful idea that Edward Leigh might stand? Or has the FT just bigged up a throwaway remark whispered in some dark Westminster hostelry?


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