Thursday, September 15, 2005

Unity Under Davis

Our ludicrously protracted leadership contest has by and large been conducted in a more statesmanlike manner than many feared.

But nerves are now beginning to jangle. On Sunday, Doc Fox attacked Ken for undermining the marale of our troops in Iraq. Malcolm Rifkind attacked Ken for not "coming clean" on his Euro views. And David, attacked Ken over both Iraq and Europe. you notice any pattern here?

Precisely. And of course it's another reason why David Willetts reported declaration for DD is so encouraging. Because if there's one thing our party needs from the new leader it's unity.

And Ken is most unlikely to deliver it, for all the reasons we know about. Indeed last week's YouGov poll reckoned 14% of party members would resign if Ken became leader.

But, as we always thought he would, DD is showing he can reach out across the party. Social reformer Two-Brains will not have made this decision lightly.

The message is that Davis can unite us; harnessing all our best talent, and taking us on to that historic victory in 2010.


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