Saturday, September 10, 2005

Tyler vs Tyler

Despite what you may imagine, we Tylers are not all Tories. The West Country branch have always been Liberals, as Mrs T and I were sharply reminded over a barbeque with Teacher Brother T and his nurse wife.

After a wildly reckless intake of Shiraz Cabernet, we heard once again how we Tories are responsible for fracturing British society, nuking the NHS, grinding the faces of Gate Gourmet workers, pillaging the Third World, and now- it turns out- drowning the poor of New Orleans.

We are nasty, selfish, corrupt, unreconstructed monsters. And Labour under Tory Tone are virtually the same.

Umm...I see...another charred sausage anyone?

'And another thing- only you Tories would be stupid enough not to have Ken Clarke as your leader. ' you like Ken?

'Well, at least he's a human being.'

So you'd vote for him?

'God no! We'd never vote Tory in a million years. You're an appalling bunch of disgusting right-wing bigoted... (cont on p78).'

Families, eh?

But at least once my extraordinarily severe headache had subsided, I realised that my bro and his wife are probably just like all those non-Tories currently opining on our leadership contest. Giving Ken the thumbs up in a poll is a very long sausage away from voting Tory.


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