Sunday, September 18, 2005

The Three Davids

The plugged-in and ever thoughtful Matthew D'Ancona suggests the compelling prospect of the three Davids:

'When the history of this particular Tory leadership race is written...Mr Willetts's decision to back the Shadow Home Secretary will undoubtedly be remembered as one of the twists and turns that actually mattered.

All eyes are now on Mr Cameron, who must decide whether or not to press ahead with his candidacy...Mr Davis is speaking more warmly of Mr Cameron than ever before: as well he might. The two Davids are an impressive team. But three would be unstoppable.'

We always liked the idea of D'Ancona's "Davis Dash", which alas turned into a marathon. And for a while Davis/Cameron was our "Dream Ticket".

So despite DC's occasional dabbling in the muddy waters of Labour managerialism, we hope very much that he does as D'Ancona suggests.

The Three Davids would indeed be unstoppable, and would be a powerful union of modern Conservatism's three major strands.

It's time, guys.


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