Sunday, September 11, 2005

The Recognition Factor

The Mail On Sunday (not online- you need to go out in the rain to buy it) has a very supportive two-page profile of DD, complete with smiley colour pic of him and Mrs D.

This is a portrait of Davis the man- particularly that backstory- and of course we leadership anoraks already know most of it. But this isn't about us- it's about building wider public recognition, and articles like this will be very helpful in registering him with the people who actually have the real votes.

Yes, you might suck your teeth at a human interest headline reading 'The day my "father" told me I was illegitimate', but as the recent Ken polls have demonstrated, public recognition is vital. And we the people need to know about our leaders as people, not just grey policy-makers.

Personally, although some of you other bloggers reckon you're fed up with it, I find DD's backstory an inspiration. It's unusual and compelling, and I think it will resonate very strongly well beyond our core vote.

PS The MOS also reports that DD will offer William Hague a shadow cabinet post, maybe Shadow Chancellor. I'm sure an offer will be made, and I hope very much that Hague will accept. We need him.


Blogger Bishop Hill said...

That would be a bit hard on Osborne who seems to have made a pretty good start in the position.

On the other hand Hague v Brown would be fun.

5:53 PM  

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