Monday, September 05, 2005

Putting the Party First

With the entrance into the race of a certain cigar puffing ex government minister, it is a good moment for Conservatives to consider which of the candidates has any interest in the good of the party.

A candidate who boasts that he is the only Conservative that can beat Blair and Brown at the dispatch box and yet refuses to use his talents under any leader but himself, is not to be believed when he talks about the good of the party.

DD on the other hand, can be proud of the sacrifice he made prior to the last election, to save the party from a damaging election less than two years before the general election.
Davis’s sacrifice was huge because he stood a really good chance of winning. Instead all he got were accolades for sparing the party a divisive ballot.
At the time, there were those in the party who were upset at the percieved coup. They should remember that Davis's could have gone on to win any contest at that point but prefered to help the party in its hour of need.


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