Thursday, September 15, 2005

Prophet With Honour

"A prophet is not without honour, save in his own country."

But it seems DD is the exception. Commenting on his Opportunity Society speech, the Yorkshire Post says:

'It is imperative that the Conservatives heed Mr Davis' call for "a new Tory idealism". For Davis is not speaking solely as one of the party's most effective performers. He is also drawing on his own experience. And he realises that his party must now reach out to families living on today's council estates; families who, at present, have no empathy with the Conservatives.

If Mr Davis can effectively demonstrate how he would apply his "opportunity for all" society to those issues that matter most to may pave he way for his election, regardless of the method ultimately chosen, to follow in Churchill's footsteps and become the party's standard-bearer for a new generation.'

Churchill eh? And that's the view from God's Own Country.

What's more, if the weekend rumours are to be believed, two of Yorkshire's finest will soon be side by side as leader and shadow chancellor.

(Yes, yes, I know...DD's constituency is now designated part of NUTS Euro-administrative zone 27b, otherwise known as Humberside. But everybody knows it's really still part of Yorkshire.)


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