Friday, September 02, 2005

Not In Our Name, Buster

The Chairman is warning of disaster unless the party Convention accepts his changes to the leadership voting rules.

Clearly very rattled by we revolting peasants, he claims:

"I cannot emphasise too strongly that no one would have gone down this path unless there was pretty strong evidence that this was what the voluntary party wanted. It is not a case of us trying to hijack it."


What "evidence" is he talking about? In case he hadn't realised, modern democratic parties collect their evidence through the ballot box, not over a couple of brandies at the Carlton Club.

PS The Telegraph leader is good value:

'Conservative Party members are not so corrupted and worn down by the culture of shabby compromise that informs daily life at Westminster as to abandon their core beliefs for the sake of appearances or expediency. They are principled and consistent, loyal and unforgiving. In other words they, rather than the jostling careerists who represent so many of them, are the true Conservatives, and the choice of their leader must in some measure reside with them.'


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