Monday, September 19, 2005

No Comment From Pink 'Un

Reporting Ken's TV interview with Andrew Marr yesterday, the FT strangely makes no mention of Ken’s…erm, "clanger" over Bank of England independence.

Strange, because of course it's the FT’s own 1997 article that seems to contradict Ken’s assertion yesterday that he “was always in favour of an independent Bank of England”.

Instead, the FT report highlights the fact that Ken “distanced himself from the concept of a flat tax and said his party risked irrelevance if it embraced such a rightwing US idea.”

You know, I can still remember the time when the FT was the most objective analytical organ you could hope to find. If you wanted to find out what was really going on, you turned to the Pink ‘un.

These days, pink is very definitely the colour, and “rightwing” bashing is the game. I long ago cancelled my order and switched to the drier Guardian.

No wonder their UK circulation is collapsing, and they’re supporting uberEurocorporatist Ken for leader.



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