Sunday, September 11, 2005

More On Ken's Magic Bullet

We've already posted on today's Independent poll exposing the hollowness of Ken's supposed electoral magic. The Sunday Times carries a YouGov poll which comes to the same conclusion:

'Currently Labour has 37% support in the opinion polls with the Tories on 32%. If Clarke led the Conservatives and Brown led Labour, the margin would be 42% to 31%. The findings suggest none of the potential Conservative leaders offers their party any kind of political lifeline.'

And I'm afraid, Ladies and Gentlemen, that "none" includes Ken. Poor old bruised and battered Anthony Steen, a Tory MP since 1974, spoke for many last week when described the party as being “in the wilderness without a Moses”. And he's a Ken supporter!

So let's hear no more talk of electoral magic; instead, we must grit our teeth and make some real choices.

And- crackers though it may sound in these dark days- this very same YouGov poll points the way forward. Because it also asked what Tory policies voters might favour:

'There is strong support, even from a third of Labour voters, for a policy of committing the party to withdrawing from the European Union if there is not a transfer of power back to member states: 47% of the public support this, against 29% who oppose it.

There is also backing, by 46% to 28%, for a policy of cutting taxes and public spending. Similarly, and by 50% to 28%, voters think the Tories should propose radical reforms for the National Health Service and state education, including privatisation.

By 72% to 10%, the poll reveals that people want tax policies from the Tories aimed at helping those on middle incomes and above, rather than the less well off.'

As the ST comments, 'Clarke’s policies are out of tune with many of the findings. He has signalled that tax cuts would not be a priority and is known for his pro-European views.'

Which would be a big problem with a Ken leadership.

But of course, that won't arise, because we do have a leadership contender whose views are very much in tune with the findings. Who couldn't be better placed to exploit the growing public disenchantment with hopeless high tax, high debt, big government Labour. A disenchantment that will become even clearer once Gordo really gets his hands on those controls.


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