Sunday, September 18, 2005

More MPs Back Davis

The Times carries the following endorsement letter from six MPs:

"Sir, You say (leading article, September 16) that the forthcoming Conservative leadership contest must be “a race, not a public meeting”. We agree. While we are fortunate to have a number of highly qualified candidates we have come to the conclusion that the man with the authority, ideas and energy to do the job best is David Davis.

He has been the party’s most effective performer in recent years as Shadow Home Secretary, and in a speech to the Institute for Public Policy Research he has set out a compelling case for the creation of a society in which “there is a limit beneath which no man may fall, but no limit to which any man might rise”.

His personal background and time as chairman of the Commons Public Accounts Committee leave him well placed to tackle the greatest political issue of our time, the renewal of our public services, while his success as a businessman shows that he understands the importance of nurturing a low-tax, light- regulation economy.

RICHARD BACON(MP for Norfolk South) MICHAEL FALLON(MP for Sevenoaks) IAN LIDDELL-GRAINGER(MP for Bridgwater) TIM LOUGHTON(MP for Worthing East & Shoreham) MARK SIMMONDS(MP for Boston & Skegness) ROBERT SYMS(MP for Poole)"

This is excellent news. Richard Bacon and Michael Fallon had already indicated their support, so this takes DD's declared support among MPs to 44.

But a key point here is that the group come from right across the party. They include not only at least two who supported Michael Portillo in 2001, but also one member of the Cornerstone Group of socially conservative MPs. That's a fairly broad spectrum.

Unity under Davis.


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