Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Media Backing

The Independent has an interesting article about which media outlets are backing, or will be likely to back, which candidates.

On The Daily Mail
The Daily Mail effectively launched Mr Clarke's campaign, running a friendly interview and a sympathetic full-page leader. Its fondness for Mr Clarke is, in a way, surprising. Mr Clarke is a social liberal; the Mail is socially conservative. Mr Clarke is a Europhile; the Mail is Eurosceptic. They do agree about the Iraq war. But what really brings them together is the Mail's pragmatic hunger for a winner who can lead the Tories back to power.
Why they think he has the capacity to win is of course a big question. Secondly as much as I dislike Nanny Blair and his cronys, I cannot imagine what the point is of turning the Conservative Party into New Labour Lite, in order to be able to win. Why bother.

On the others:
The other leading Tory title, The Daily Telegraph, is much less keen on Mr Clarke, to judge by a leader it ran last week. It seems very likely that the paper will support the right-wing candidate, David Davis. The Times does not like Mr Clarke much either, and will probably back David Cameron. The Sun is not keen on the anti-Iraq war Mr Clarke. The Daily Express has yet to make up its mind. The left-leaning Guardian and Independent prefer Mr Clarke, as the candidate closest to their own point of view, as does the BBC.
There you have it. The independent BBC, paid for by your TV Tax, is backing Mr Clarke because he is closer to their left wing viewpoint of the world.



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