Tuesday, September 20, 2005

MacKay Declares For Davis

Further significant support for DD this morning, with Deputy Party Chairman Andrew Mackay declaring for him.

Mackay, another MP who supported Michael Portillo in 2001, noted that DD is in his "political prime" (echoing our own view):

"I am also taken by the wide range of his supporters and believe that he would unite the party with a team of the best talents available."

He praised DD's response to the London bombings, saying: "You see the true metal of a political leader when they perform at short notice in a crisis, as opposed to after much rehearsal by spin doctors. David passed with flying colours."

He is a man of his age, who will reach out to many who have not previously taken an interest in politics, let alone in the Conservative party."

Mackay's endorsement takes DD's declared support among MPs to 45.


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