Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Letter to the Editor

Something I missed from the Sunday Papers, was a letter from a number of Conservative MP's.

All of the candidates for the Conservative leadership have admirable qualities. But we are convinced that David Davis is the person most likely to lead the party to victory at the next election.

We have been impressed by his contribution to the debate on the future of the party, but equally by his response to the terrorist attacks on 7/7. Since that dreadful day, he has shown that he has the qualities required for a leader: standing with the Government when the country needed a responsible and united stance against the terrorists, but ready to question forensically when the Government gets things wrong.

As Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee, David was the scourge of profligate spending. As shadow home secretary he has prompted two ministerial resignations and commanded the respect of the House. But he has also been at the forefront of the debate on how our party and the country must change. He has led new thinking on public service reform, localism, and the defence of our freedoms from an intrusive Government.

We believe that David's experience, coupled with a powerful personal story and appeal, makes him the natural person to lead a modern Conservative Party. Above all, he would present our most effective challenge to a Labour Party led by Gordon Brown.

David Davies (MP),
James Dudridge (MP),
Nadine Dorries (MP),
David Evennett (MP),
Nick Herbert (MP),
Philip Hollobone (MP),
David Jones (MP),
Anne Main (MP),
Mark Pritchard (MP),
Lee Scott (MP),
Shailesh Vara (MP),
Charles Walker (MP),
To which there is very little to add.



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