Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Ken Still Not Magic Bullet

We Tories are fed up with the squabbling, the backstabbing, and most of all the losing. That much we all agree on.

Which is why Ken's pitch- I'm popular, I appeal to LibDems, and I can therefore get us elected- is so seductive. And quite understandably, all across the Realm, Tories of sound mind and sound beliefs are saying they will grit their teeth and vote for Ken because they just want to get elected. Yes, there was that Europe business, but now it's over there in the long stinging nettles somewhere, and anyway, we can no longer afford to be "purist" about such things.

But unfortunately, the polls have never supported that blissful fantasy. Yes, people sort of like him, just as they like Champagne Charlie, or Robbie, or Del Boy. But that's not the same as voting him into power.

So it was that yesterday's Guardian/ICM poll found that a Ken-led Tory party would bomb in an election against Brown and Kennedy. In fact, we'd do worse than we're doing right now. 15% of our existing voters would no longer support us, against which we'd pick up only the equivalent of 10% from switching Labour and LibDem supporters. Leaving us 5% down on the whole deal.

So let me just repeat what I'm afraid is the inescapable reality: KEN IS NOT AN ELECTORAL MAGIC BULLET. There is no alternative to the hard slog of building modern Conservatism.

Which is why I get so distressed when I see people like the excellent Andrew NonTrivialSolutions- one of our very first Bloggers For Davis- getting overwhelmed by Ken Fever.

Please Andrew. Do not go gentle into that good night. Stay with us and help build heaven right here on earth.

Well OK, maybe not heaven...but at least we could get the public services working again.


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