Saturday, September 10, 2005

Ken Climbs Telegraph Poll

Another good poll for Ken in this morning's Telegraph. YouGov finds his support among Tory party members has increased sharply since May.

But there's still good news for us DD supporters. Despite Ken's all-out sprint, all those polls, and the active support of the BBC, he would still lose a head-to-head with Our Man: 45% to 48%.

Indeed, the poll shows just how devisive Ken would still be as leader, despite his qualified recantation over Europe, and despite his seductive "I can make us popular again" pitch. 37% of members still think he "should definitely not be leader" (compared to 16% for DD), and fully 14% of members would leave the party if he did (2% for DD).

So it's not surprising that of the 29% who say they would vote for third candidates (Cameron, Fox or Rifkind) in a first round, fully 20% of them would switch to DD in a run-off with Ken.

This confirms what we already knew: when it comes to party unity, DD is a much safer bet than Ken.


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