Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Ken Ahead On Planet Grauniad

Reporting the stream of MPs now declaring for DD, the Grauniad puts it in context:

"Mr Clarke remains front-runner in the campaign."

Er...come again?

"Mr Clarke remains front-runner in the campaign."

Yes, that's what we thought you said. Well, um...how does that work exactly?

Can't be the number of MP backers, because DD has 45 declared supporters against Ken's 12. And if rumour is to be believed, Davis may have as many as another 40 supporters so far undeclared.

And at the bookies, DD's odds are firming daily, whereas Ken's are now looking decidedly flaccid. This morning the punters at Betfair have pushed DD's implied probability of success to an all-time high of 68%. Whereas Ken has subsided further, down to 21%.

Now we well understand that the Guardian- along with the BBC and other swathes of the liberal media- want Ken to win. But surely they should make some attempt to distinguish between their dreams and the real world.

Shouldn't they?


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