Sunday, September 11, 2005

Jane Griffiths For Davis

Interesting post on ConservativeHome:

'If MPs of other parties than the Conservatives had a vote in the Tory leadership an awful lot of them would vote for David Davis. I know I would have. David Davis chaired the influential Public Accounts Committee when I was a member of it, from 1997-99, and was greatly impressive. But more impressive was his fair dealing with junior backbenchers as I was. In politics if you are kind to someone who has no advantage to offer you they never forget it - too many are arrrogant and superciilous to those they perceive as their juniors and inferiors. Not David Davis. He was even kind enough to send me a friendly note in 2000 when I saw off some difficulties I had with a neighbouring Labour MP. He is the kind of man who inspires loyalty.

Jane Griffiths
Labour MP for Reading East 1997-2005'

To which we can only say Jane sounds much better informed about the real DD than some of our own...


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