Thursday, September 22, 2005

Entire Home Affairs Team Backs DD

The whole of our frontbench Home Affairs team have declared for DD. Some of course had already declared, but in terms of new MP supporters, that's Cheryl Gillan, Dominic Grieve, and Humpfrey Malins (which we Tylers are particularly pleased about because he's our local MP)..

As Tim Montgomerie at ConservativeHome comments:

'Those who have worked most closely with him in the last two years haven't run into the hands of another courtier but have stayed loyal to Mr Davis.'

Which flatly contradicts those who earlier in the campaign were muttering that Davis could not hope to inspire loyalty.

Along with yesterday's endorsements from Nicholas Winterton and Richard Ottaway, this takes DD's declared support among MPs to 50, a quarter of the Parliamentary party.

Early in the contest, some predicted that DD's best chance would be if we retained member voting. Now some are suggesting that the opposite is true. In fact Tim M is fretting that the Peasants Revolt against that Howard/Maude/Monbiot power grab may actually have the perverse effect of letting Ken in. "The price of democracy can be high," he wails.

To which we say, Tim, have faith in the sound judgement of our fellow members.

DD will be our leader.


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