Wednesday, September 14, 2005

DD's New Tory Idealism

DD will deliver his ippr speech later today. He will say:

"I stand for new Tory idealism. I want to achieve the aims that moderate Conservatives have always championed: a strong society based on a free economy, with opportunity for all.

To achieve those aims we need the methods which have been championed by thinkers of the Right: decentralisation, less state intervention, competition and choice.

The state has a place, but the state must know its place. That place is not to play the role of the family, or the community, but to help individuals and families realise their own dreams."

Music to our ears.

But Davis will go much further than what some might characterise as classic Thatcherism. As he has before, 'he will stress his commitment to the poor, using language more often associated with the Left.'

"Perhaps shockingly for a Conservative, I want to make sure that those near the bottom of the pile can realise their dreams, not because some focus group tells me that they are a target group for my party, but because it is the right thing to do for them, and for the rest of us who live around us."

We have always felt DD's 'backstory' was much more than a useful CV for an aspiring leader. He's actually been at the bottom of that pile: his commitment to helping those still there is burned into his soul. But the key is opportunity, not dependency.

This is much more than "taking Blairism and removing the objectionable elements": it is a "new Tory idealism... changing the way we live".

We keenly await the full text.


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