Thursday, September 29, 2005

DD Formally Launches Campaign

David Davis formally launched his leadership campaign this morning. With a podium backdrop proclaiming "Modern Conservatives" and "Changing Britain, Improving Lives", his speech called for radical change to improve society:

"The heart of this change must be to empower people and let them realise their full potential. I was drawn into politics by Churchill's dream of a Britain in which "there is a limit beneath which no man may fall, but no limit to which any man might rise".

I want to build a new consensus for change, using modern conservative ideas to achieve the goal of social justice which for too long have been claimed by the left:
- opportunity for the many and not just the privileged few.
- public services as good as those of our European neighbours.
- a strong economy and a better society."

It was heavily attended, with many familiar faces from the Westminster village and well beyond. Tyler was lucky enough to be there, but of course it was principally a TV event, aimed at the assembled Adam Boultons, Nick Robinsons and Garry Gibbons and their attendant cameras.

But I was more impressed by the depth of support from our party's leading thinkers. David Willetts naturally gave a short speech reiterating why he was supporting DD. And I spotted the heads of several leading thinktanks, including Reform and the CPS. They see in Davis what we see: a leader who will finally, at long, long last, have the confidence and conviction to take those exciting ideas and give us a platform for government.

We're on our way.


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