Sunday, September 25, 2005

Davis Wows Ladies

The Mail On Sunday has polled women on the leadership candidates:

'Women voters regard David Davis as far more 'attractive' than his rivals, the British Polling Index survey reveals.

And crucially, despite rating Mr Clarke more highly on all serious counts, women are still more likely to vote Tory if Mr Davis becomes leader. While women respect Mr Clarke's weighty experience, his weighty appearance lets him down. Just two per cent - one in 50 - of women say they find the cigar-smoking, pint-drinking, pot-bellied Mr Clarke sexy.

By contrast, nearly one in three women said they found Mr Davis attractive. The 56-year-old, whose nose was broken several times during teenage brawls, stays in shape by going on long hikes through the Pennines.'

So there we have it. That crucial female vote we're all so concerned about? With DD at the helm, it's no longer a problem.


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