Monday, September 19, 2005

Davis Wonk Takes Flight

Writing in the latest Reform Journal, one of DD's favourite wonks, Nick Herbert- now of course the new MP for poor Howard Flight's old constituency- proclaims "it's time for the Conservatives to become the party of radical reform."

The ex-Director of Reform says:

"Far from altering my commitment to reform, my experience as an MP for the last four months has considerably reinforced it. It began on the doorsteps during the election campaign. What did I have to say to voters about their waits for NHS treatment? Well, we would clean their hospitals. What about soaring council tax? Well, we would help pensioners, but only by increasing public spending. On each occasion these limp offerings were greeted with a weary look from voters who instinctively knew that we were simply playing back the lowest common denominator from our latest focus groups.

As an MP, the issues in my postbag and my surgeries have brought to life problems which at Reform we analysed academically."

Quite rightly (and unsurprisingly) he praises DD's "New Idealism" and calls for radical public sector reform, but he also praises George Osborne for "electrifying" the growing debate on flat tax. He concludes:

"There is no future for an insipid conservatism whose main doorstep message is a plea to give us a turn in office. The Conservative Party needs a purpose, and that should be to change Britain for the better. Only when we have convinced electors that we have both the ambition and the ideas to improve the lives of ordinary people will we be listened to again."

Hallelujah, brother! At long last, we're on our way to the Promised Land.

PS The Reform Journal also contains an interesting piece by Trevor Kavanagh, which concludes:
"The Sun said during the election that it will consider supporting the Conservative Party only when it clearly adopts the principles of small government and low taxes."

We're nearly there Trev old son...we're nearly there.


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