Sunday, September 18, 2005

Davis Lead Gets Bigger

The industrious Mike Smithson has updated his excellent leadership probability chart over at Political Betting.

It shows that DD has weathered Hurricane Ken, and his lead is once again growing. As we know, the real storm damage has been suffered by David Cameron, who has now sunk right back to level pegging with the Doc.

So as things stand today, the punters put the implied probability of a Davis victory at over 60%, with Ken on around 25%, and both Cameron and Fox well below 10%.

We've said it before, but the outsiders really do now need to think of the party. We just don't need that fractious Big Brother Conference. It's down to a run-off between DD and Ken, and the other candidates should follow the principled lead of David Willetts, and decide which of the two they're going to support.


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