Monday, September 05, 2005

Davis Against Rule Changes

DD has spoken out against the change of rules for leader selection.
Tory leadership hopeful David Davis has criticised plans to deny ordinary party members a say in who gets the top job.
Previously he had said that as a candidate, questioning the rules could be seen as self serving. Perhaps the fact that the proposals look like being defeated has changed things. Now he says:
"I think the new proposal to do away with the rights of the membership is likely to be turned down - I don't think that's a bad thing"
Repeating and idea he had raised earlier, he proposed reversing the process.
"I think it would have been much easier just to say to the party in the country: 'Why don't we reverse the order - you have the first hit and MPs have the last say'.
I know Wat prefers the current system, but this idea seems to be very pragmatic. Neither side ends up with a leader that they cannot work with or for.



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