Sunday, September 18, 2005

The Case For Ken

Curmudgeonly LibDem Sir Simon Jenkins sets out the case for Ken:

'If the Tory party wants to win the next election it should choose Kenneth Clarke as leader. Clarke leads his nearest rival, David Davis, in all available polls by four to one. No further brain is needed. Period.'

Naturally he doubts that we're capable of grasping his insight:

'But even Tories can do their four times table. Someone should stand over them beating them with a rubber truncheon and chanting: “Four-to-one . . . four-to-one . . . do you sincerely want to win?”

Not that he agrees with Ken's politics:

'Apart from Iraq I can think of no issue on which I agree with Clarke. He seems on another planet. He is wholly blind to the folly of a pan-European confederacy. His business career suggests a signed-up archeo-corporatist. As health secretary he created a National Health Service vulnerable to the most stupefying bureaucracy. As education secretary he tried to nationalise every school and as home secretary he wanted to run every police force. At the Treasury he was a control freak’s control freak, the emperor of audit and a walking red tape factory.'

No, Ken's sole claim to be leader is his public popularity, and we Tories must somehow learn to live with his arrogant old-style statism.

Two points Si:

1. If you read the blogs- or even the newspapers- you'd realise that those popularity polls show only that Ken would lose to Gordo by a slightly smaller margin than our alternative leader (ie DD);

2. Some of us got involved in politics because we have certain beliefs about how to improve Britain. And they do not include a return to Heathism, even if it is under a Tory PM.


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